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School Bus

For school bus transport arrangements, please contact:
Mr Wee Hock Seng: 8574 7418 / 9865 1577
Mr Tan Bee Soon: 9679 3168

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Amongst all the bus operators, who is main bus coordinator I can contact?
There are two coordinators; Mr Wee Hock Seng (Hp: 8574 7418 / 9865 1577) and Mr Tan Bee Soon (Hp: 9679 3168)

Q2: What are bus fares for return and one way trips?
The bus fare varies from area to area. Within the same area, the fare could be slightly different for each pupil based on the location of their house from the school. For one way trips, the recommended fare by Singapore School Bus Association is 80% of the return trip.

Q3: Do I have to pay for full 12 month fares even though there is no school during the holidays?
The Singapore School Bus Association rule requires the payment for the 12 months. Usually, the bus operator would require a one month advance payment.

Q4: If my daugther takes the bus for less than one month, must I still pay for the full month?

Q5: How long is the advance notice I have to give the bus operator if my daughter decides to stop taking the bus?
Usually at least one month. However, do check with the bus operator when you first sign up for his service.

Q6: How do the parents of new Primary 1 pupils register their daughters to take the school bus?
At the Primary 1 Orientation Day, the bus operators will set up a counter at the school tuckshop for parents to register for their daughters. The bus operator who will fetch your daughter will contact you by mid Dec on the arrangements.

Q7: What is the arrangement for the bus drivers to fetch new Primary 1 pupils home when school reopens in January?
The bus driver will personally fetch these pupils from her classroom (for the month of Jan) to the waiting area at the concourse. Clear signages would also be placed at the concourse for each waiting point according to the bus numbers (eg MGS 1, MGS 4)

Q8: What if my daughter forgets her bus number?
The school provides each Primary 1 and 2 pupil who are taking the school bus a MGS SCHOOL BUS card. In Jan each year, the bus driver will complete this card with information on the pupil and bus driver (eg name, class, bus registration number, contact numbers of the pupil and the bus driver). The pupils are to keep this card safely.

Q9: What is the school bus arrangement for pupils after their CCAs?
Currently, there are buses plying along Bukit Timah, Hill View, Toh Yi, Toh Tuck, Bukit Batok, Newton Circus, Bishan, Thomson and AMK areas. There is a notice on these routes at the school's General Office. You may contact the bus operators concerned on the fare charges. The current departure times are 3.10pm, 4.10pm and 5pm. The pick up point is at the school tuckshop. For routes currently not covered, you may contact the school's Operations Manager at 6796 2417.