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About the Alumnae


Our Alumnae members range from 16 to over 80 years old. Once you join, you become a life member. There is a small membership fee payable on signing up and that’s all. The fee really is to help cover postage and other administrative minutiae.

The Alumnae is run by a committee that is voted in by members at the yearly AGM. They meet regularly to discuss events or issues. An annual newsletter is produced to keep members informed of the past year’s events and there are 2 or 3 mailers a year to notify members of impending events. We hope to soon connect as many members as possible on the Internet to save on trees and postage fees!

Maintaining contact

The main objectives of the Alumnae are to maintain contact between MGS, old girls and staff and to play a supportive and complementary role to the School. To maintain contact, the Alumnae organises Founders Day Dinner on the 25th July, the Teachers’ Day lunch and the Past v Present Games every year.


The president of the Alumnae is also a member of the School’s Board of Management, so old girls do have a representative voice with regards to the management of the school.

School projects

We also lend support to school projects whether organized by the school or by parents, including fund raising projects. We are now famous for our gourmet hot dogs at school events and our second hand shop that usually takes place when MGS has a mini-fair!

Awards & Bursaries

The Alumnae committee also administers certain scholarship funds which give out awards/bursaries to MGS girls on a yearly basis. We help the school review candidates and organize the awards.