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News and Events

Direct School Admission for Secondary One

MGS invites Primary 6 students to participate in this year’s DSA exercise. Find out more .

Application to Year 3 Integrated Programme Intake in 2022

The application for admission into Year 3 of the MGS Integrated Programme in 2022 is open to students who are currently in 2021 Secondary 2 or its equivalent. Find out more .

Many Good Stories

Fresh excitement for the new schooling year

Primary Parents' Briefing Slides

On 21 and 22 January, the school conducted our annual Parents' Briefings for Primary 1 to 6. The slides covered during the respective level briefings are appended here.

Secondary Parents' Briefing Slides

Click to view the  Secondary Parents' Briefing Slides 2021  and  Secondary 1 Parents' Engagement Webinar 2020.

Learning Device for 2021 Secondary One

There is no need for parents to purchase their own iPads as this package is centrally procured by MGS. We will inform parents in due time with regard to the specific purchase and payments modes of the device package. Parents/students can look forward to receiving their iPad bundles by Term 2, Week 1 of 2021.

MGeSprit 2020: Volume 2

Read the latest edition of MGeSprit.

Loan of MGS Uniform One

Click here for more information.