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Principal's Message

MGS was founded by Miss Sophia Blackmore for the special purpose of providing girls with a complete education that would render them useful and contributing members of the community.

In MGS we focus on 4Cs which will be the leverage points for us to bring to fruition our vision of developing Godly women of Excellence with a heart of Love, and which will equip and prepare our girls for the future.

Firstly in MGS we believe that the school CULTURE sets the backdrop and context for meaningful learning to take place. The culture is a reflection of the values, norms and behaviours we expect of the MGS community. We are thankful for a strong positive Christian culture which envelops our girls and provides them with a safe haven for learning.

Secondly in MGS the MG girl is our Raison D'être. The CHILD remains central and is the focus of all we do and the decisions we take. Our programmes and policies are designed with intentionality to meet the needs of our girls. Each child is important to us in MGS and we seek always to bring out the best in each one believing every child is unique and gifted in her own special way.

Building CHARACTER in our girls remains consistently a key imperative in the MGS brand of education. In a world of change and constant flux, our girls will need strong anchors to help them navigate through the challenges of life. Having sound character and values and a strong faith will be our MG girls’ anchors. Character building is integral to schooling in MGS. The latter is a meaningful and variegated experience that brings forth growth in character, being and personhood to enable our girls to be women of substance in a complex world susceptible to unpredictable change. She is godly, other-centred, undaunted.

The MGS CURRICULUM is dynamic and responsive, cognizant of the diverse needs of our girls. We focus on educating the whole person so that our girls will “grow in wisdom and stature in favour with God and man”. The MGS curriculum will challenge their intellect, augment their passion for learning, nurture their socio-emotional gait and help them develop attributes that will stand them in good stead. Teachable moments and challenging experiences that bring new dimensions of learning enrich our girls’ understanding and grasp of life’s issues. The MGS girl through the curriculum will become a poised 21st C learner. Each staff is armed with this mission as they teach and interact with the girls.

Lastly, in MGS we know it takes the whole MGS community to raise the MGS girl. We want to encourage each and every one to journey with us as we give our girls a most enriching and meaningful schooling experience in MGS. May every MG girl continue to MASTER, GROW and SERVE in every phase of her life.

Ms Grace Ng