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  • MGS Open House 2019
    19 Oct 2019, Saturday, 8.30 am to 2.30 pm
  • Outcome for Direct School Admission for Secondary One
  • SLS Familiarisation Exercise 2019
  • Primary E-Learning Schedule 2019
    2019 P1 E-learning Schedule
    2019 P2 E-learning Schedule
    2019 P3 E-learning Schedule
    2019 P4 E-learning Schedule
    2019 P5 E-learning Schedule
  • Past, Present & Future: Commemorating the Singapore Bicentennial by Methodist Girls’ School
    20 July - 31 December 2019
    King Albert Park MRT Station DT6, Bukit Timah Road
  • MGS Choir's achievements at 6th Vietnam Int Choir Competition: We thank God for MGS Choir's achievements in the 6th Vietnam International Choir Competition! We got into the Grand Prize Competition and were awarded the G2 Youth category - Winner, with a Golden Diploma Level 3, 23,08pts and S Sacred category - Second, with a Golden Diploma Level 3, 23,47pts. All Glory be to God!
  • Slides for Parents' Briefings
  • Getting Started with Parents Gateway: Onboarding Guide for Parents
  • Useful Education and Career Guidance (ECG) resources for GCE O-Level students.pdf
  • Secondary School & Miscellaneous Fees 2019
  • MGS School Stories:  Highlights of the MGS Education Experience
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    School Rules

    Methodist Girls’ School comprises some 2500 interacting pupils and staff with a collective responsibility for sustaining a vibrant nurturing environment for learning and fellowship. To this end, the MGS School Rules have been drawn up to spell out some ways for the MGS community to work together to uphold the glorious tradition of the school motto: To Master, To Grow, To Serve.

    Please familiarise yourself with the MGS School Rules, and reflect on how you will make your contribution as you “grow in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man” through the rich heritage and nurturing of the MGS community.

    School Rules - THE MARK OF AN MGS GIRL.pdf 

    Absence From School

    The MGS girl is expected to attend all classes and school activities organized for her. Failing to do so without valid reasons will constitute truancy.

    Her absence must be covered by a medical certificate or a parent’s letter, both valid for the entire period of absence.

    Absence From Assessment (Tests and Examinations)  

    A zero mark will be given for missing tests/examinations without a valid reason. The following supporting documents must be produced:

    • A valid medical certificate
    • Approved official documentation for representation in an inter-school or national competition

    Prolonged Absence From School During Term Time

    Permission must be sought from the Principal should there be an extenuating reason for a prolonged period of absence during term time. This should be done through an email from parents/guardians stating reason(s) for absence.

    The Principal reserves the right to grant/deny permission for absence from school.