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The Mark of An MGS Girl

The MGS Girl embraces the Culture of Honour

1. She carries the MGS identity with pride, and enhances the good name of MGS pupils by striving to be well-spoken, well-behaved and well-thought of, whether in or out of school premises and school attire. 

In speech, she speaks clearly, properly and respectfully.

In decorum, she conducts herself in courteous and socially acceptable ways.

In thought, she is humble and considers others before herself.

In work, she is diligent in all she does and performs every task with an attitude of excellence.

2. She forges excellent working partnerships by establishing good rapport with her teachers and schoolmates.

She nourishes her interpersonal relationships by practising the Christian virtues that are transmitted through the daily devotions and Chapel services.

She applies the Biblical principles of “Love your neighbour as yourself” and “Do to others what you would have them do to you”.

3. She greets all members of the MGS community – teachers, administrative personnel, parents and visitors politely.

4. She walks briskly and quietly in an orderly manner from one venue to another.

5. She is neatly dressed in MGS attire and approved footwear for the time spent in school during school term and school vacation. 

She will not use her MGS attire for inappropriate purposes and disreputable activities that may tarnish the good name of MGS.

6. She adopts a spirit of excellence.

She seeks mastery in all her pursuits.

She embarks on a journey of lifelong learning and growth to develop to her fullest potential.

7. She practises sound time-management to keep a wholesome balance between her academic studies, co-curricular activities and community involvement services.

She gives top priority to school commitments whenever called upon to represent MGS or support MGS teams.

She gives of her best in both work and play.

8. She handles all school equipment properly, and returns the same in good working order and condition.

She reports immediately and accurately any malfunction, damage or 

9. She does her part in keeping her classrooms, notice boards and furniture clean and tidy, free of unsightly clutter, litter and filth practised within the two-metre radius rule.

She is responsible to ensure the lights, fans, air-conditioning and school equipment are switched off when she is the last person to leave the room.

10. She is responsible for the security of her belongings.

She does not leave her valuables lying about unattended.