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Join Us

How you can help:

Class reps form an important network through which PL functions. They are appointed based on indications of interest and recommendations from level reps, PL committee and/or teachers. Class reps are encouraged to participate and engage other class parents to support PL events, offer/channel feedback and suggestions relevant to PL, assist teachers/the school when requested and initiate informal activities at class levels.

Should you be interested in helping in any of the events organized by ParentLink, please email us .

Parents may also help in other areas:

In addition, parents can also be involved with career talks and providing work experience opportunities in the Secondary School, library duties in the Primary School or be a part of regular prayer meetings to provide prayer support to the school and girls as well as in ad-hoc events.

2021 Prayer Meeting Dates:

Schedule Combined
7.30 – 8.45am
Level 4, CCMC Wesley Hall **
Sec 4 Group
7.30 – 8.45am
Level 4, CCMC Wesley Hall**
Pri 6 Group
7.30 – 8.45am
Level 4, CCMC Wesley Hall**
Term 1 11 Jan, 1 Feb, 1 Mar 11 Jan, 8 Feb, 8 Mar 18 Jan, 8 Feb, 8 Mar
Term 2 5 Apr, 10 May 12 Apr, 10 May  19 Apr, 17 May
Term 3 12 Jul, 2 Aug 12 Jul, 2 Aug 19 Jul, 16 Aug
Term 4 13 Sep, 4 Oct 13 Sep, 11 Oct 20 Sep

  • Combined meetings:- sessions where parents with child(ren) of different levels meet together
  • Sec 4 Group denote:-sessions where parents with child(ren) in Sec 4/Year 4 (taking O Levels, or EOY IP exams) meet together
  • P6 Group denote:-sessions where parents with P6 child(ren) meet together

Important Note:
** If on-site, otherwise the Parents’ Prayer Meeting will be via Zoom or Skype.

Directions to Level 4 CCMC Wesley Hall: Please take the lift to Level 4, and walk past the Pri School library. CCMC Wesley Hall is the first room on your right along the corridor.

Do remember to obtain a Visitor’s Pass at the Security Post – please inform Security on duty that you are going to Level 4 CCMC Wesley Hall for the parents’ prayer meeting.  

Vehicles parked inside the school premise is strictly based on a first-come-first-serve basis, subject to availability, and in WHITE coloured VISITOR LOTS ONLY .  There must be a “temporary parking label” displayed on the vehicle dashboard – this “temporary parking label” is subject to availability at the Security Post.

If you have any enquiries regarding Parents’ Prayer Meetings, please contact Jenny Koh or Corrine Chee at the school office, 6469 4800.