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Character and Citizenship Education Department


MGS believes in providing a robust, rigorous and relevant curriculum for all round development of the MGS girls to be the 21st century learner. She strives to be a school that promotes the progressive development of values, attitudes and skills that will stand the MGS girl in good stead in different phases of her life. Besides developing character, it is hoped that she becomes an active contributor and a concerned citizen.

In short, the MGS girl is a Godly woman of Excellence with a heart of Love and has a deep sense of rootedness and a globalised outlook.

The school promotes the 21st Century MOE CCE values R³ICH (Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Integrity, Care and Harmony) and the 36 traits taken from the ‘Character First!’ programme.   

School values















36 character traits

1.   Virtue

13. Attentive

25. Patience

2.   Loyalty

14. Diligence

26. Initiative

3.   Wisdom

15. Thriftiness 

27. Sincerity

4.   Boldness

16. Enthusiasm

28. Tolerance

5.   Creativity

17. Punctuality

29. Deference

6.   Obedience   

18. Hospitality

30. Flexibility

7.   Generosity

19. Orderliness  

31. Discretion

8.   Self-control

20. Cautiousness

32. Sensitivity

9.   Discernment

21. Thoroughness

33. Availability

10. Forgiveness  

22. Dependability

34. Compassion

11. Truthfulness  

23. Responsibility  

35. Determination

12. Gratefulness

24. Resourcefulness  

36. Persuasiveness



These values are taught during our assemblies, talks, GEL+ lessons (mass teaching of character traits), GEL lessons (Form Teacher Guidance Period), Character and Citizenry Education lessons conducted in the Mother Tongue, Value In Action Programme and during our Character Development Programme which includes leadership programme and learning journeys. They are also infused in the daily teaching and learning curriculum of the school.


Level Learning Outcomes

MGS aims to imbue in the girls the 21st Century Competencies, to become a:

1.     Confident Person

2.     Self-directed Learner

3.     Active Contributor

4.     Concerned Citizen

 The table below shows the desired level outcomes:



Level Outcome

Primary 1

Self/ Family/ School

A Confident student that is comfortable in expressing oneself

Primary 2

Self/ Family/ School

A Respectful and Responsible pupil that makes good decisions and cares for others in the family and class. 

Primary 3

Family/ School/ Community

A Caring pupil that acquires social awareness and applies interpersonal skills to build positive relationships based on mutual respect.

Primary 4

Family/ School/ Community

An Empathetic pupil that promotes social cohesion and harmony, and contributes actively to the progress of the community.                     

Primary 5

School/ Community/ Nation

A Committed pupil that has a sense of belonging to school and Singapore, and is aware of national and global issues.  

Primary 6

School/ Community/ Nation

A Reflective pupil that is actively involved in community, national and global issues.