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Computer Studies


    The MGS Computer Studies Curriculum is to help students to develop 3 important skills that are critical as they navigate the ever-changing landscape:
      1. critical thinking, 
      2. problem solving; and
      3. creativity
            Our students will be learning coding which is an essential skill in the future because it is an important part of the digital transformation. Especially with the unprecedented disruption from Covid-19, we see an increasing number of jobs that require coding skills as most services and products are being digitized.


                By the end of the 2nd year in MGS, all students should have the following outcomes:
                  1. Secondary/Year 1 students shall be able to use LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and BBC Micro:Bit as toolsets for building robots with functional purposes.  
                  2. Secondary/Year 2 students shall be be able to use Python programming language to create programmes and Generative Art
                      Lessons for each class is once every fortnight for 1.5 hr.


                            While Computer Studies is a non-examinable subject, students will be assessed based on their assignments and projects.