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Integrated Programme



MGS is the only girls' school with a through-train programme leading to the 
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

The MGS IP seeks to faithfully nurture MGS girls with a high capacity for intellectual 
rigour in accordance with the IB Learner Profile and who are poised to excel in the IBDP.

More information about the International Baccalaureate is found at http://www.ibo.org

Core facets of the MGS IP

1. Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Understanding
The curriculum recognises that each academic discipline has its own set of methods and thinking. Pupils are challenged to develop conceptual understanding and to think with greater depth and complexity. Applications in the real-world are made through authentic tasks, and connections are made purposefully to the other disciplines.

2. Intercultural Understanding and International-Mindedness
It is essential in the 21st Century to have curiosity and an open mind about the world and different cultures. The MGS IP curriculum prepares pupils to consider themselves as global citizens and be aware of the implications of living in an interdependent and globalised world.

3. Critical and Creative Thinking Skills and Future-Ready Competencies
In order to challenge the intellect, research and problem-solving skills are infused in the curriculum of the disciplines, as are the critical and creative thinking strategies and 21st Century competencies. A metacognitive approach is taken for the development of skills, and independent learning strategies are emphasised. Opportunities for individual inquiry and research are offered. 

4. Values and Ethics-based Holistic Education for Girls
MGS was founded on the principles of providing a holistic education for girls, and one of the school’s strength is in providing a quality education, in developing the physical, aesthetic, spiritual-moral and social-emotional aspects of its pupils. As MGS prepares its girls for a world where ethical dilemmas are pervasive, ethical reasoning is taught and infused in the disciplines. A holistic education is also a balanced one, with opportunities for students to enjoy leisure pursuits – sports, the arts and recreational activities.

Distinctive Features of the MGS IP

  1. An Ethics-Infused Approach
  2. Critical Thinking: Philosophy, Thinking and Knowledge
  3. Inter-disciplinary: Global Studies
  4. Research and Problem-solving: Independent Studies
  5. Inter-cultural Understanding & Future-ready Competencies: Enrichment Exploratory Electives Programme
  6. Extensions of Learning: IP Symposium, Passion, Exploration, Aspiration & Knowledge Programme (Year 4)
  7. Values in Action and Leadership in practice: Creativity, Action, Service