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To develop logical and critical thinkers who are competent in using mathematical reasoning, communication and problem solving skills in other fields and disciplines.


To provide a varied and authentic learning experience for our students, promoting interest and confidence in Mathematics.

The learning of mathematics involves exploration, analysis and presentation of math patterns and relations both within the subject and across other disciplines. It is not just an academic subject, but an important vehicle that  stretches the girls’ minds and promotes critical and analytical thinking.

Pedagogical approaches

    • Parallel Curriculum Model
    • Polya’s Problem Solving
    • Infusion of ICT & Mathematics history & real-life math application
    • E-learning portal in supporting independent and self-directed learning

Individual Subjects

‘O’ Level TrackIP Track
Lower SecondaryMathematicsMathematics
Upper SecondaryMathematics
Additional Mathematics
Core Mathematics
Advanced Mathematics

Our curriculum enables our girls to acquire problem solving skills and engages them through a variety of learning experiences to appreciate the relevance, usefulness and connectedness of the subject to both real-world context and other disciplines.

It enables our girls to :
    • build a solid secondary mathematics foundation in preparation of higher level mathematical studies and supports other disciplines such as Sciences, Engineering and Economics in higher institutions
    • see and experience the beauty and practicability of mathematics in relation to the real-life environment
    • develop and demonstrate their understanding of logical thinking and creative problem solving skills


A balance of formative and summative assessments comprise of 
    • Mathematical investigation
    • Mathematical modelling
    • Online quiz
    • Higher order alternate assessments
    • Projects & coursework
    • Written assignments & assessments

Special Programmes

    • Singapore Mathematical Olympaid
    • Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympaid (SASMO)
    • Singapore Mathematics Project Festival
    • Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF)
    • Graphic Calculator Design
    • Mathematics For Young Australian (MCYA)
    • The International Mathematical Modelling Challenge (IMMC)