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Mother Tongue


To inspire and cultivate each MGS girl to love and appreciate their own mother tongue language and culture.

We believe in teaching Mother Tongue in a holistic and engaging manner. Our teachers use a variety of resources, such as novels, poetry, skit, music and news media in their teaching of the language. Reading, listening, writing and oratorical skills are developed through a multitude of activities, such as classroom discussions, group work and school-wide events that stimulate the girls’ interest in their Mother Tongue.

Academic Programmes

Subjects offered:
  • Chinese Language
  • Higher Chinese
  • Malay Language
  • Higher Malay
  • Tamil Language
  • Higher Tamil

Approach and Pedagogy
  • Infusion of ICT, Higher-order thinking skills and National Education into curriculum
  • On-line portal to complement teaching and learning
  • On-line portal to complement students’ listening and oratorical learning experiences
  • Magazines and newspapers articles to supplement students’ reading
  • Mother Tongue Language Fortnight programmes and Language Camp to expose students to the various Mother Tongue Language activities
  • Twinning programmes to Taiwan and Xi’an


Beyond the boundaries of the classroom, MGS girls will experience the richness of their Mother Tongue through their participation in various enrichment programmes.

Learning through the languages area of the curriculum enables MGS girls to:
  • acquire and demonstrate the skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing which are essential for learning and later in life (Self-directed)
  • develop the ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings and respond accordingly (Confident Person)
  • immerse themselves in new linguistic, social and economic challenges brought about by globalization (Concerned Citizen)
  • appreciate cultural heritage of respective ethnic groups (Active Contributor)

The purpose of assessment is to improve students’ learning and teachers’ teaching. For Mother Tongue Language assessment, we focus on assessment for learning as an on going process that arises out of the interaction between teaching and learning.