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Physical Education

The MGS Physical Education Department strives to develop our pupil’s physical, psychomotor, emotional, cognitive, psychosocial as well as spiritual domains through a systematic programme of appropriate learning experience. The programme also aims to promote a greater appreciation of healthy living and a more positive attitude towards physical activities.

Level Territorial Game Net/Wall Game Striking Game Others
SEC/YR 1 Basketball 1
Badminton 1
Mini Tennis
Rounders CPR+AED
Fundamental Skills
Outdoor Education 1
Swimming 1
Track & Field
SEC/YR 2 Football
Netball 1
Badminton 2
Tennis 1
Volleyball 1
Softball CPR+AED
Outdoor Education 2
Physical Health Fitness/ NAPFA
Swimming 2
Track & Field
SEC/YR 3 Basketball 2
Netball 2
Tag Rugby
Table Tennis
Tennis 2
Volleyball 2
Outdoor Education 3
Swimming 3
Track & Field
SEC/YR 4 Sports Education Programme (Basketball/ Netball; Football/ Tag Rugby) Sports Education Programme (Volleyball) - Physical Health Fitness/ NAPFA
Swimming 4

MGS Sports Events
Cross-country, Sec 3 Ultimate Frisbee Championship, Sec 4 Sports Education, Sports Day, Swimming Championship