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Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

The School offers a CCA programme designed to encourage pupils’ all-round development, to build a sense of responsibility and independence, to cultivate correct values and desirable social attitudes, to provide for healthy recreational activity, to identify & nurture special qualities (e.g. leadership), to provide enrichment, to give scope for creativity and to cultivate esprit de corps.

CCAs in MGS:

Physical Sports Visual & Performing Arts Clubs & Societies Uniformed Groups
Artistic Swimming Choir Chess Club Girls’ Brigade
Dance (Indian) Club Infocomm Club Girl Guides
Football Dance (International) Club Library Club National Cadet Corps (Air)
Netball Drama Society SALT Club  
Softball Guitar Ensemble Sophia Society  
Squash Handbell Ensemble

Swimming String Ensemble    
Tennis IDEAS    
Track & Cross Country