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Chess Club

Chess Club aims to develop cognitive abilities - attention span, memory, analysis, and logic for personal growth. Our philosophy is a healthy mind through competitions, and support and encouragement for one another through teamwork. The CCA was established to develop sportsmanship, integrity, honesty, excellence, mentorship and empathy in members of the Chess Club, and to nurture them to be able to play Chess during their leisure with enthusiasm and passion. 

Members develop social dexterity skills, which are of essential importance in society, through activities such as inter-school competitions and friendly games with other schools.  
During each chess session, members are coached and apply what they are taught via puzzles provided. Members also practise their skills sparring with one another and further hone their competencies during training for competitions. 

Leadership Opportunities: President and Vice President:
  • Assist teacher-in charge and coach to encourage members to take part in at least one competition per year.
  • Maintain general discipline during the CCA and assist in attendance
  • Plan activities to improve bonding within the CCA
  • Showcase CCA and recruitment during Sec 1 Orientation and Open House

Executive Committee: Assist President and Vice President in the running of the club and provide support and feedback to activities within the club

CCA Schedule: Day: Wednesday 
Time: 3.00pm – 4.30pm 
Venue: Skyloft 3