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SALT Club aims to help our members’ spiritual growth and enable them to deepen their relationship with God. Members journey together through their spiritual walk via worship sessions and Bible Studies. They also learn to serve others through VIA activities.

Its philosophy is to bring God’s word to people we meet, by providing opportunities for them to learn about Christ, and helping others to grow spiritually in the likeness of Christ.

SALT Club provides a platform for members to grow spiritually and emotionally by seeking solace in and being deep rooted in God’s word. The CCA also develops members’ leadership competencies and skills as they organise worship sessions, bible studies and VIA sessions. Through these sessions, SALT Club inculcate values of respect, responsibility, care, empathy and humility in its members.

The CCA emphasizes the importance of self-directedness and the manifestation of the Fruit of the Spirit [Gal 5:22,23] among its members, and character is honed by guiding members to take ownership of the running of the programme.

CCA activities: Bible Study, Worship, Supporting Discover Jesus Week, Love MG and VIA activities

Community: VIA activities with Yew Tee Christian Home

Through bible study sessions, members learn God's word and make applications of God’s word in their daily lives. Through leading worship, members develop confidence in standing in front of a group.

Each year, the CCA visits the Methodist Welfare Services Nursing Home at Yew Tee to bring Chinese New Year cheer and joy to the residents. Members put up performances and have meaningful interactions with the residents at least twice in a year. The CCA also serves at the annual LoveMG event. Through these, SALTies are able to bond and nurture their spiritual and leadership growth.

Leadership Opportunities:

Vice President
Head of Praise and Worship Committee
Head of Publicity Committee
Head of Programme Committee

CCA Schedule:

Day: Wednesday
Time: 3.00pm to 5.30pm
Venue: Teaching Lab (L1 Sports Complex)