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Sophia Society

Sophia Society aims to nurture creative and confident communicators. Our philosophy is anchored on the core tenet that each child has the capacity to excel as an orator, through experience, enrichment and engagement.

The CCA was established to provide girls with opportunities to be a blessing to the community through service as emcees, hosts, deejays and moderators. It develops oracy skills and competencies, and imparts values of discipline and collaboration.

Through activities and programmes such as panel moderation, orating, hosting and emceeing, as well as community projects which engage members with real-life issues from Singapore to across the globe, we hone the MGS girl to be an articulate and effective communicator, anchored in sound values, and well-poised to respond and contribute to the future landscape.

Members can look forward to the following experiences at Sophia Society.
  • Training with esteemed former news anchors from ChannelNewsAsia
  • Exchanges with different schools
  • Opportunities to organise oratorical competitions
  • Platforms to develop confident public speaking
  • Training with the SG Bicentennial Team (Prime Minister’s Office) on being storytellers and scribes

Community VIA and competitions
  • Mediacorp immersive learning trip
  • National Library Board KidsRead Programme
  • Singapore Youth Festival Emcee Training (MOE Arts Education Branch)
  • MGS May Oh Debate Challenge

Leadership Opportunities:


CCA Schedule:

Days: Wednesdays (Mondays & Fridays – during selected seasons)
Time: 2.30pm-5.30pm
Venue: Conference Room