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The MGS Choir has a shared sense of passion and love for singing. The Choir’s guiding principles are: Awareness, Attitude, Ability, Attendance. We strive to inculcate self-discipline, independence, diligence and a sense of shared responsibility in every chorister, and to be of service to our school and wider community through our performances. 

2019 6th International Vietnam Choir Competition in Hoi An, Vietnam:

-       2 gold awards: category champion for the Youth Choir Category, second place for the Sacred Choral Music Category

-       Performed in the final Grand Prix concert.

2019 12th International Choir Festival, Orientale Concentus, Singapore

-       Performed in the Opening Ceremony (by invitation only)

2019 SYF Arts Presentation:

-       Gold


2018 Enterprise Singapore event

-       Secondary 3 members were invited to sing for the ASEAN director delegates at a dinner organised by Enterprise Singapore.

-       Performed at National Gallery a series of locally composed songs to showcase a part of Singapore’s culture.


Recording choir for South East Asian (SEA) Games and National Day Parade. 

The Choir has benefited from yearly masterclasses from the likes of Professor Gerald Wirth, President/Artistic Director of The Vienna Boys Choir, and Ms Jennifer Tham, former MGS Choir Mistress and Cultural Medallion recipient. Through these, we were able to gain deeper insights, understanding, and a greater appreciation for singing.

Leadership Opportunities:





Oversees the day to day running of the choir, sets expectations and goals for the choir, and works closely with the teachers and conductor to achieve them.

Vice-chairperson 1 and 2

Works closely with the chairperson

Student conductor(s)

Conducts the choir during performances, leads and conducts during student-led sessions

Assistant student conductor(s)

Assists the student conductor and conducts during some performances

Section leaders (Sop 1, Sop 2, Alto 1, Alto 2)

Leads section in sectionals

Assistant section leaders (Sop 1, Sop 2, Alto 1, Alto 2)

Assists the section leader in leading sectionals

Choir pianist(s)

Plays the piano accompaniment for vocal warmups and performances

Events and communication

Updates the school choir noticeboard, Instagram page and other outreach platforms

Logistics and AV

Sets up electronic keyboard and relevant AV equipment

Scores and resources

Maintains score cupboard, in charge of issuing new scores

CCA Schedule:



Days: Wednesday, Friday

Time: 3.00pm - 6.00pm

Venue: Chapel (Wed), ISH Band room (Fri) 


Ms Deirdre Toh, Mrs Beatrice Leong, Mr Benjamin Tan