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This year, the MGS Choir acquired a shared sense of passion and love for singing, as well as developed a greater sense of musicianship through weekly practices with our conductors and various school performances.

In March, the Choir held our biennial concert at the School of the Arts (SOTA) Concert Hall in a collaboration with the MGS Handbell Choir titled Cantabile E Carillons. A highlight of our performance was a medley of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which allowed us to incorporate dramatisation and theatrics into our performance whilst singing.

In August, our Secondary 3 members were invited to sing for the ASEAN director delegates at a dinner organised by Enterprise Singapore. During the event held at the Singapore National Gallery, we performed a series of locally composed songs to showcase a part of Singapore’s culture.

The Choir also benefitted from masterclasses with Professor Gerald Wirth, President/Artistic Director of The Vienna Boys Choir, and Ms Jennifer Tham, former MGS Choir Mistress and Cultural Medallion recipient. They gave us valuable advice on improving our techniques, and taught us the physical mechanics of the voice, including which body parts aided in creating sound. We were able to gain deeper insights, understanding, and greater appreciation for singing from their immense expertise.

The Choir's programme ended on a high note when we hosted a choral exchange for five secondary school choirs. It was an enriching experience as we performed for each other and sang together in a combined piece. We were glad to be a blessing as we shared our love for choral music.