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Reality Outside Classrooms

MGS does not restrict the education of its girls to the confines of the classroom or of Singapore. While the school has ventured out cautiously in the past, today it provides innumerable opportunities for the girls to experience life and learning further afield. The girls journey to places like Malaysia, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom on educational trips, on immersion or twinning programmes and on service-learning programmes. The world, indeed, is their oyster.

Since 2006, the Sec 1, 2, 3 and 4 classes have embarked on a learning journey of their lifetime. Reality Outside Classrooms (ROCs) is a relevant, rigorous and responsive global education that seeks to meet the challenges of connecting our young with their peers and adults in different cultures, different learning environments. In the course of the four academic years in secondary school, the girls embark on the Road to Discovery (Year 1), on the Road Less Travelled (Year 2), then on the Highway to the World (Year 3) before Taking Flight (Year 4). Beyond the classroom, they cultivate a better understanding of the region in Asia and the world across the oceans. They travelled the world and without exception, they found an exciting new perspective of the diversity of culture and of themselves in the global village.


MGS ROCs is designed

  1. To provide authentic contexts and experiences for learning
  2. To integrate learning:
    • across the four domains – cognitive, affective, physical and spiritual
    • across disciplines
  3. To broaden perspectives for better understanding of life
  4. To provide opportunities for service to the community/ society

The MGS ROCs programme prepares the MGS girl to take on her role as a citizen of the world.