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Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)


In MGS, Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is integral to the holistic development of our students. Through the various lessons and activities in the CCE Curriculum, we seek to develop a positive school culture that nurtures the future-ready MGS Girl

(A) A positive school culture in MGS 

  • is supported by a peer support framework
  • is steered by strong teacher-student relationships where students are recognised and affirmed for their positive actions and contributions
  • adopts a Culture of Honour in our interactions with one another
  • recognises that CCE is a shared responsibility where mutual collaboration and sense of ownership are strong among staff and students

(B) The future-ready MGS girl

  • is anchored in values
  • is hardworking and resilient
  • is equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes to navigate the unknown future
  • adopts a spirit of continuous learning
  • is a socially responsible citizen, who contributes positively to family and community


The CCE Curriculum is anchored on the school values of Godliness, Excellence and Love. It is delivered through lessons conducted during curriculum time (GEL lessons, Assembly period, Chapel and Daily Devotions), enrichment activities and informal interactions with staff.

The topics that are discussed during GEL lessons, our in-house programme that combines aspects of Character and Citizenship Education, and assembly lessons include:
  • Character and Citizenship Education Lessons (customised based on MOE curriculum)
  • Life Skills including personality profiling and study and time management skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Education and Career Guidance
  • Sexuality Education
  • Cyberwellness 
  • Citizenship Education
  • Values in Action

Lessons and activities in the CCE Curriculum are selected and customised for the MGS girl as she progresses through each phase of her schooling years. They are developmental in nature and revolve around Level Themes:

Secondary / Year 1
Level Theme: Understanding Self
The focus is on helping students develop a deeper understanding of themselves as they transit into and navigate through their adolescent years. Students will gain an awareness of their personal strengths, learning styles, work habits as well as develop an understanding of the values that guide the personal decisions that they make. They will learn to take ownership of their lives and be responsible for their actions and also learn to be compassionate towards others, actively reaching out to touch the lives of those in the community.


Secondary / Year 2
Level Theme: Being a Team Player
The focus is on helping students develop skills and attitudes to become an effective and contributing team player. Students will learn to build positive relationships with others through exploring the core elements needed in strong relationships as well as deepening their understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses when working in teams. Students will also learn to lead and take charge while respecting and showing consideration to others as they work collaboratively to make an impact on the lives of the less fortunate.


Secondary / Year 3
Level Theme: Becoming a Person of Influence
The focus is on helping students continue to strengthen their ability to build positive relationships with others as they assume roles of leadership in their class and CCAs. Students will learn to sense-make their collective experiences and develop their resilience by choosing to be courageous and not give up when faced with challenging situations. Students will also learn to adopt a positive and proactive stance as they deepen their awareness and understanding of emerging local and global social issues.


Secondary / Year 4
Level Theme: Being Future-Ready
The focus is on helping students develop a strong set of values that will anchor their decision-making as they prepare to move on to the next chapter of their lives. Students continue to cultivate an attitude of perseverance, a teachable spirit and the passion and determination to give of their best in all that they do. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to allow them to continually seek opportunities to grow and develop. Furthermore, they will embark on a level project to bring love and cheer to the elderly in our community through the sharing of their time and talents. In doing so, be empowered to be advocates for the greater good.


MGS Milestone Programmes

Enrichment activities or Milestone Programmes are organized for each cohort. These activities provide authentic contexts for learning as well as opportunities for students to practice the social-emotional skills they have learnt in class. Activities are designed for social mixing and communication where through common tasks and challenges, students take steps forward to interact with those beyond their class and school.

The milestone programmes for each level are as follows:

Secondary/Year 1
  • ROCs 1 : Adventure Camp
  • Orientation Programme
Secondary/Year 2
  • ROCs 2 : Road Less Travelled Learning Journeys
Secondary/Year 3
  • ROCs 3 : MOE-OBS Challenge Camp
Secondary/Year 4
  • ROCs 4 : Careers Festival
  • Longest Day
  • Baccalaureate Service

School Experiences

The MGS girl is presented with a plethora of experiences and opportunities for growth, socialisation and self-discovery. These are offered both at each stage of their schooling years and as the opportunities arise. These are optional and we encourage students to take up some of these offers to fuel an existing interest, learn something new, discover new knowledge, practice planning and leadership, forge friendships and make memories.

The experiences include:
  • Self-initiated VIA projects
  • WoW Space activities
  • STEAM programme activities
  • Friend of Singa Ambassador
  • House activities
  • Sec 2 Immersion programme
  • Sec 3 Overseas VIA trips
  • Sec 3 Work Experience
  • Sec 3 Regional Youth Conference (Biennial)