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Student Leadership Programme


The MGS Student Leadership Programme aims to prepare MGS students to serve as dynamic leaders in the 21 st century. In line with the Ministry of Education’s Student Leadership Development (SLD) Programme, the School believes that every student can and should be developed a leader and must be intentional in doing so.

Student Leadership Framework

The MGS Student Leadership framework is built upon the school values of Godliness, Excellence and Love. Every MGS Student Leader is expected to be Godly, resilient and future-ready, possessing the 21 st century competencies and exhibiting the desired student outcomes as identified by the Ministry of Education. 

Student Leadership Philosophy

The MGS Student Leadership philosophy is ‘Every MGS Girl A Servant Leader’. MGS Student Leaders are encouraged to serve others while staying focused on achieving results that are in line with the School’s values. The training programmes are designed to develop servant leadership attributes of honesty, integrity, perseverance, modelling, visibility, pioneering and service in the Student Leaders. The MGS Student Leaders are expected to exhibit the behavioural traits associated with the servant leadership attributes.

Student Leadership Development Plan

The MGS Student Leadership Development Plan is a ten-year programme spanning Primary 1 to Secondary 4. The Plan trains students in leadership knowledge and skills and provides opportunities to apply what they have learnt. 

There are two leadership training tracks in the MGS Student Leadership Development Plan:
  1. General Leadership
  2. Advanced Leadership

General Leadership

The General Leadership training targets all students from Primary 1 to Secondary 4 and is integrated into the Values Education curriculum in the Primary School (Citizenry and Character Education lessons) and Secondary School (GEL lessons).  

Advanced Leadership Programme

The Advanced Leadership training targets core student leaders from Primary 4 to Secondary 4 and is conducted in leadership camps and training workshops. Students who display strong leadership potential and a willingness to serve go through a selection process before becoming core student leaders.