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1: 1 Learning Programme

The girls entering our school today are true digital natives who have grown up in a world of always-on networked connectivity. Educating such a generation poses both a challenge and an opportunity. 

To transform these digital natives into passionate, self-directed lifelong learners and engaged and caring global citizens demands a transformation in the way teaching and learning are carried out. We embarked on this transformative journey in 2014. Today, we are a full one-to-one school where every learner is equipped with her own personal learning device.

This provision has revolutionized our classrooms. Since information is now readily available, the focus of classroom interaction has shifted away from the mere absorption of information towards higher-order skills such as analysing, evaluating, and creating. The Chromebooks also allow for new forms of collaboration within the classroom and even across borders. Learning is no longer confined to fixed times and spaces.

The power of technology also needs to be tempered with wisdom and integrity. At MGS, we have a robust Cyber-Wellness programme that seeks to cultivate considerate and careful users of technology in order that all our MGS girls embody our vision of godly women of excellence with a heart of love both in the virtual world and the real one. Rooted firmly in godly values and virtues, the MGS girl is ready to be a change agent that can go Light the World .