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Student Leadership

In MGS, our philosophy towards leadership is ‘Every Child A Servant Leader’, a leader willing to serve and aspiring to lead others by example. All students undergo training in the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership based on The Leadership Challenge®   by James Kouzes and Barry Posner which seeks to develop essential skills, cultivate dispositions, teach and reinforce values in students, addressing essential skills, values and attitudes at different stages and progression.
Further leadership development programmes cater to potential and positional student leaders through planned (internal & external) seminars, camps and exchange programmes. Key student leaders include Prefects, Student Leaders, CCA leaders, House Leaders and Class Management Committee who are generally nominated and elected by the student body. Student leaders are given opportunities, based on their strengths, to plan, organize, lead and train others within their term of office and their many ideas and enthusiasm in carrying out their projects make the school a vibrant community.