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Secondary One

To contact the teacher during office hours, please dial "6796 2" followed by the extension number (i.e. 6796 2XXX).

Class 1M    

Mrs Chen Seok Hwa
Phone Ext: 533

Mrs Arlene Chan
Phone Ext: 421


Class 1E    
Ms Alethea Eng
Phone Ext: 648
Mrs Tong Mei Jit
Phone Ext: 543
Class 1T    
Ms Insyirah
Phone Ext: 517
Mr Terence Goh
Phone Ext: 568
Class 1H    
Gerald_Chang.jpg Elaine-Chan.jpg  
Dr Christina Loong
Phone Ext: 567
Mrs Elaine Chan
Phone Ext: 427
Class 1O    
Chen-Seok-Hwa.jpg Sarah_Poon.jpg  
Mr Alan Huang
Phone Ext: 596
Ms Sarah Poon
Phone Ext: 647
Class 1D    
Jenny-Chng-Sze-Kuen.gif Jenny-Chng-Sze-Kuen.gif  
Mrs Jenny Ng
Phone Ext: 422
Mdm Gao Wei
Phone Ext: 519
Class 1I    
Mr_Lau_Chee_Keen.jpg natalie_chew.jpg  
Mr Lau Chee Keen
Phone Ext: 433

Mrs Natalie Lim
Phone Ext: 530

Class 1S    

Mrs Karen Chia
Phone Ext: 579

Mrs Selvanayagam Ramya
Phone Ext: 634
Class 1G    
Chen-Kok-Peng.jpg Lydia-Loy.jpg  
Mrs Chen Kok Peng
Phone Ext: 558
Ms Lydia Loy
Phone Ext: 424