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Loan of MGS Uniform One

Who should be loaning Uniform One?

  • School representatives in competitions at Zonal, Cluster, National level
  • School representatives at award ceremonies at Zonal and National level
  • Students who are required to make presentations at formal platforms such as Science Fairs, VIA platforms
  • Students who are required to participate, interact and network with peers at various local and overseas conferences/events


What is loaned to students?

MGS No. 1 Uniform includes the following:

  1. White long-sleeved blouse 
  2. MGS Tie
  3. MGS Blazer
  4. Navy Blue Skirt

The following items are to be prepared by the student themselves to complete the uniform:

  1. Skin-coloured stockings (optional)
  2. Black court shoes: 1-1.5 inch court shoes as seen in the picture. No sandals, wedges or platform shoes

Instructions for Care

  1. The Uniform will be loaned out in a full set of blazer, shirt, skirt and tie, together with a Uniform bag.

  2. The borrower is expected to take good care of the Uniform.

  3. The Uniform must be dry-cleaned after use. Do NOT wash the Uniform using your washing machine at home.
    1. For White long-sleeved blouse (Item 1): Gentle wash cycle (30 deg), no bleach, do not dry clean, no hot iron, do not tumble dry; preferably hand wash according to instructions on care label.
    2. For MGS Blazer (Item 3) and Navy Blue Skirt (Item 4): Dry Cleaning Only.

  4. Return the Uniform in its laundry plastic bag/ packaging after dry-cleaning it, with the laundry receipt attached . Put the whole plastic bag/ packaging into the Uniform Bag that was issued to you together with the hanger provided.

  5. If any part of the Uniform is lost, damaged or badly stained*, you will need to replace** the item at the following cost:

    Item Cost
    Blazer $75
    Shirt $20
    Skirt $30
    Tie $15
    Uniform Bag $10

    * The Outreach Office reserves the right to assess the stains on the Uniform and determine if you will need to replace it.
    ** You may not buy or use your own item to replace any part of the Uniform.

Loan of MGS Uniform One

Please use this LINK for the loan of MGS Uniform One.

To pick up the items, kindly go to the P/ VP’s office on Level 3 and ring the doorbell for assistance.

To return the items, kindly pass them to the staff at the General Office counter.


Uniform One is the formal attire worn by MGS students on formal occasions or when representing the school in competitions or official functions. As such, it must be worn with pride and decorum. The wearer must treat Uniform One with respect and wear it in a manner that represents the school well.

Uniform One must be worn or used in the following manner:

  1. Blazer
    1. When on official duty, you are to wear the blazer at all times.
    2. The blazer must be fully buttoned when wearing it.
    3. When you are travelling or not on official duty, you may take the blazer off.

  2. Shirt
    1. The shirt must be tucked into the skirt at all times.
    2. The shirt sleeves must be worn at full length.
    3. You may not roll or fold up the sleeves.

  3. Skirt : The skirt must be worn as it is without a belt.

  4. Tie : The tie must be worn at all times.

  5. Stockings (optional/ not provided)
    1. Stockings must be worn with the uniform.
    2. Stockings must be in skin colour.

  6. Shoes (not provided)
    1. Shoe type: Court shoes (No sandals, wedges or platform shoes)
    2. Shoe design: Plain, without motifs
    3. Shoe colour: Matte black
    4. Heel height: At least 1.5 inches but no more than 2 inches high