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MGS Canteen Project

One year ago, we had informed MGS parents and students that the canteen would be embarking on upgrading works so that students can continue to gather and grow in a common space that will cater to their needs – a hub for Conversation, Connectedness, Community and Collaboration. As a pivotal gathering point in the schooling life of every MGS girl, the canteen has been a place where memories are made, ideas shared and friendships fostered, as our girls eat and bond over their recess and lunch breaks.

We are happy to share that with the change of furniture in the canteen, the revamp is one step closer to completion! 

The spruced up MGS canteen, revealed on Monday 6 May, features warm tones in a range of furniture that gives flexibility for various uses.   

The girls have used the 4-seater tables for cosy small group discussions, and larger groups have enjoyed fellowship over a meal at the round 6-seater and long 8-seater tables. The high tables with stools add a novel element to recess chats, and there are also standing tables for eating something quick on-the-go. 

The new stage@canteen is an exciting fresh area which hosted the recent Primary inaugural WOW!, Caterpillar Chat, as well as an earlier ukulele jamming session with Ms Ng. Do look out for more activities there in the near future!

We give thanks to God and to our parents and partners who have helped to bring the MGS Canteen Project to fruition, and all who have contributed towards the various fundraising initiatives for the canteen. We look forward to these physical structures fostering a strong sense of community among students.

MGS Achieves - To God Be The Glory!

Team MGS has garnered a historic win at the National Schools Games Cross Country Finals in April, sweeping the Championship Title for both B and C Divisions! This is only the fourth time since 2000 that a school has achieved both titles, and the third time that we are Champions for each of the B and C Divisions.

In yet another breakthrough triumph, we also clinched the C Division championship and retained our B Division title in the recent National Schools Swimming Championships. This year is the first time after 25 years that we have won both B and C Divisions, and a sterling accomplishment to add to the MGS swim legacy.

With Team MGS taking home the delightful victories, we thank God for watching over the girls as they trained tirelessly and faced down the challenges and rigours of the sports with resilience and grace.


On 26 March, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan stopped by MGS for a brief visit to the P1.2 classroom. The P1.2 students had created and sent heart-shaped Get Well cards to the Minister while he was in hospital recovering from a fractured arm.

Minister Khaw met the 30 girls to thank them for their kind thoughts and well wishes, and even prepared a show-and-tell of his experience undergoing treatment for his arm. He rounded off by showing the girls his surgical wound. The girls were eager to ask questions and shared candidly about their own little accidents.

The girls had learnt about the Minister’s work during their lesson on Jobs People Do. Touching on their important role in the country’s future, Mr Khaw told them, "Your job is to make Singapore better in the next generation!"


More than 400 participants, including local and foreign artistes and close to 20 beneficiaries, put in months of work to stage the SPD Charity Show 《真情无障爱》 which was telecast live on Sunday, 17 March over Mediacorp Channel 8 (in Mandarin).

Performing to the theme “Little Actions Keep Dreams Alive” 《善小。梦大》 MGS is proud to be part of the live show that helped to raise $4.31 million in support of helping beneficiaries to overcome their physical disabilities.

MGS was involved in 3 segments of the Live Show - a performance by the MGS String Ensemble with the Dazhong Primary Junior Orchestra and the MGS Choir, a baking segment with our Primary student leaders and Lower Secondary students, and a performance by Sec 3 harpist Celestine Sheum and her sisters Christabelle and Charlotte.

Well done to all our girls!

The encore telecast will be broadcast over Mediacorp Channel 8 this Sunday, 24 March from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.


The MGS Swimming Championships at the Sports Complex pool was held in Term 1.

Over the several days of the Championships, the girls turned up in various creative outfits and costumes that represented their house colours, as part of the Fancy Dress theme for the event. Even the teachers had dressed up with enthusiasm, and the colourful sights and loud cheers made for a memorable event.

With the MGS House spirit and unity on full display, the swimmers representing each house gave their best in the water. Eventually, Lee House was crowned the overall champion.

It was truly wonderful to see the distinctive MGS swimming heritage being a part of the schooling experience for our girls.


As part of the DICE (Design, Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship) programme at MGS, 20 Sec 2 girls got to refurbish and restore the school’s canteen trellis tables in February. The eager girls armed with worktools , brushes and gloves set about sanding and varnishing the time-worn tables where many a plate have rested at recess.

Repair Kopitiam @ MGS comprises a series of workshops where the girls pick up skills on wood and fabric restoration. The girls had previously tried their hands reworking and putting together wooden pieces into small stools. At the first session earlier this year, they also learnt to salvage and patch up old fabrics, so that these can be reused instead of being ‘Kondo-ed’ away!

The Repair Kopitiam ‘learn for life’ endeavour brings the girls out of the classroom into the real-world to expand their repertoire of lifeskills and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. The girls in turn embraced this fun opportunity to demonstrate their handy DIY skills and give back to the school community.

Welcoming New P1s and S1s into our MGS Family

The 2nd of January 2019 may have seen groggy parents and children make their way up to 11 Blackmore Drive at 7 am, however, the programmes for the days ahead are anticipated eagerly. 
The P1s have been transitioning smoothly into a new schooling experience with the help of their P5 buddies. After a morning of activities and bonding in their newly decorated classrooms, the P1s have been zealously running off to the canteen to grab a bite with their buddies. Some have also been drawn to explore the school playground and garden with their new friends.

Apart from learning how to line up in twos and obeying the calls during assembly time, the mornings of the P1s’ first week were filled with enthusiastic chatter and excitement about the new adventure they are about to embark on. 

As for the new Sec 1s, they were officially presented with their own MGS Passport to signify their first step into their Secondary school journey. Their orientation activities included a morning walk along the Bukit Timah Diversion Park Connector, rallying in their new houses, various informative briefings, memorable games to bond with their new batch-mates, a CCA fair, and the much-awaited campfire on Friday 4th of January.

As the girls grow in character, discover new interests, hone their passions, and embrace the myriad learning platforms and opportunities here, we are certain that they will emerge as young Godly women of Excellence with a heart of Love, ready to handle whatever their future entails.