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200214 Post a Blessing
200122 - Pavlo String workshop
200116 P1 Pinic photos (1)
200102 P1 & P4 Buddy System


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Rallying together to care and to share 

During this season of love and friendship, Primary and Secondary MGS girls came together to give back to the community through gestures of care and appreciation. 

On 14 February, they embraced the MGS Wipe-Down routine with enthusiasm, using paper towels and soap solutions to clean the canteen table surfaces after each recess.  

Organized as part of the school’s Total Defence Day commemoration, the Wipe-Down encouraged MGS girls to take greater responsibility over their personal hygiene and to be socially responsible and considerate towards others who use the table after them. 

The #MGSBlessings movement was also galvanised on this day to bring joy and comfort to Singapore’s healthcare workers on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19, through the annual MGS Post-a-Blessing

MGS girls penned their heartfelt gratitude towards our frontline healthcare workers in the hospitals across the country, as well as the staff at the Ministry of Health and various polyclinics, through colourfully decorated postcards. These cards conveyed their sincere well wishes and encouragement for the men and women working tirelessly to safeguard public health and care for those who are ill.  

They also did not forget our own cleaners, security guards and staff at MGS, with cards thanking the ‘Aunties’ and ‘Uncles’ for ensuring that the school remains a clean and safe place for learning. 

It was heart-warming to see their collective spirit to honour and spur on these everyday heroes with the hand-written cards, which were sent to these everyday heroes after the Post-a-Blessing event.


Welcoming our P1s & Sec 1s as they embark on their MGS Journey

2nd January 2020 was the kickstart to the hustle and bustle of another school year. Our newest members of the MG family, the P1s, were warmly welcomed by their P4 buddies as they ventured through the school together. The P1s enjoyed their first days getting to know their teachers and making new friends, all while having fun participating in various activities such as practising to stand in twos at the quadrangle, a trial run before standing with the rest of the school during morning assembly.

The P1s also experienced buying their own food in the canteen for the first time, with the help of their new big sisters. They learned how to use their POSB Smart Buddy watches to pay for their meals via the cashless system that the school has introduced. With the flurry of fun-filled activities, it is no wonder that our youngest members were full of energy and excitement for the next big chapter in their lives.

The Sec 1 students were also warmly guided through their first few days of school. They enjoyed two fun-packed days of orientation where they played ice-breakers and formed bonds with their peers. The highlight of their first day was the MGS Passport Ceremony where the students were presented with their very own MGS passport as a rite of passage into their secondary school journey. 

On their second day, the students were introduced to an explosion of MG Spirit at the CCA fair. Students from the wide array of MGS CCAs showcased their unique talents in live performances, interactive sports games and even a campfire demonstration right outside the Indoor Sports Hall. The Sec 1s were spoiled for choice as they explored the different teams and clubs they could be a part of for the next four years. To cap off the exciting day, the Sec 1s gathered for a memorable campfire that evening at the quadrangle where they sang, danced and cheered with their orientation groups.

As their MG journey begins, we hope that our P1s and Sec 1s will find solidarity in the MG family, and we are certain that they will embrace the school motto: To Master, To Grow, and To Serve as they blossom into Godly women of Excellence with hearts of Love.