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To inculcate an appreciation and love for visual arts through exposure to a variety of art forms.



To instill in pupils a spirit of creativity and experimentation as they learn to explore and express their ideas, thoughts and feelings through interaction with their environment and culture.


Aims, objectives and learning outcomes

The aims, objectives and learning outcomes of the Art Programme in MGS is closely aligned with that in the MOE Art Syllabus. 


More details can be found at the following website:



Assessment is conducted once a semester.

  • Assessment rubrics (Primary 1 and 2)

  • Portfolios – consisting of all art pieces completed during the semester

Final grade is derived from the mean grade of all art pieces completed during each semester.


Lesson Schedules

  • 2 periods per week


Enrichment Programmes

  • Fun with Lines and Colour (Oil Pastel), PAL Visual Arts programme (Primary 1)

  • Expression with Oil Pastels (Oil Pastel, Poster Paint) (Primary 2)

  • Acrylic Painting (Primary 3)

  • iPad Art Programme on ‘Art Studio’ (Primary 4)

  • Watercolour Painting (Primary 5)

  • Photojournalism (Primary 6)


*Programmes are subject to change


Art Competitions / Exhibitions

  1. Inter- class National Day Art Competition (Primary 1 to 6)

  2. Lions Peace Poster Art Competition (Primary 5)