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Physical Education


Every girl to be physically literate, in pursuit of excellence and a healthy lifestyle

Our Philosophy:

We believe a high quality Health & Physical Education curriculum is an integral part of every girl’s total education in MGS, covering physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of a child.
It is the goal of the Health & Physical Education department to inspire our girls to be physically active and maintain a healthy lifestyle through:
  1. acquisition of fundamental movement skills, knowledge, competence and attitude to participate and excel in a wide range of physical activities
  2. provision of broad-based and balanced programmes for enjoyment and competitive sports to excel in

A physically educated MGS girl is able to:

  • move competently and confidently in a wide range of physical activities
  • take responsibility for her personal health and fitness
  • exhibit positive personal-social character traits such as resilience, fair play, respect and sportsmanship when participating in physical activities

Key Level Programmes

  • MGS Swimming Championships
  • Health Awareness Week
  • P1-P6 Sports Education Programmes
  • P1-P6 Inter-House Games
  • P1 & 2 Obstacle Course
  • P1 & P2 Games Day
  • P2 SwimSafer Programme
  • P3 Aerial Obstacle Course
  • P4 Adventure Camp


Components in the Holistic Assessment:
  • Demonstration of Fundamental Movement Skills 
  • Application of Games/Sports knowledge
  • Demonstration of values and attitudes
  • Participation level 

NAPFA Tests (for P4 & P6 only)
NAPFA grades will be reflected in raw scores and performance bands describing the student’s performance level for each aspect of fitness: “Outstanding Performance”, “Very Good Performance”, “Good Performance”, “Satisfactory Performance” and “Needs improvement”.

Physical Education